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Registration has closed for our Spring Micro Buddy and Micro.  Please visit us again in July when we open registration for Fall!

Updated Spring Schedule with Make-Up Dates:

Note April 15th date rescheduled to:
April 14th Indoors at Speedway Village
Micro Buddy: 9:15-10:00 a.m.
Micro: 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Sessions outdoors at Densmore:
Micro Buddy            Micro
April 22: 2:00-2:45      April 22: 3:00-4:00
April 29: 2:00-2:45      April 29: 3:00-4:00
May 13: 2:00-2:45      May 13: 3:00-4:00
June 3:  2:00-2:45    May 20: 12:00-1:00
                                   June 3:  3:00-4:00


Our micro soccer program has a rich history of getting players started the right way. The focus of our program is to help your child develop a love for the sport of soccer. Introduction to the game and the fundamental skills of soccer will be joyfully delivered in a variety of fun activities geared to bring laughter, enjoyment, and the love of the game to your child. Micro season is six sessions and is offered in the spring, fall, and winter and is normally played on Sundays in the spring and fall, and Saturday mornings in the winter.

A typical hour will include 40 minutes of fun skill-building games and activities followed by 20 minutes playing small-sided matches against their teammates. Every player is on the field playing for the entire session. All sessions are played at Densmore Park 6701 South 14th St.

2018 Spring Micro (U5-U6)

There will be 6 total sessions that will run on Sunday afternoons. Each session consists of about 40 minutes of training and 20 minutes of small-sided games! Players will need to bring a size 3 soccer ball with their name on it, water, shin guards, tennis or soccer shoes, and wear their Capital shirt.

  • U5 - All players born in 2013
  • U6 - All players born in 2012
  • Sunday afternoon sessions beginning March 25th - 3:00 pm start time @ Densmore Soccer Park 6701 South 14th (by Cooper YMCA).
  • Total cost for the season is $30.0
  • Start Online Registration

Spring Micro Buddy (U3-U4)

This program is similar to Micro but tailored to the younger players.  Micro Buddy is 5 sessions in length and 45 minutes per session.  Players receive a soccer ball with registration.

What is the Micro Buddy Program?
A beginning soccer program for 2 and 3 year-olds.

Who can participate?
Any young child who is interested in playing soccer! We do require that an adult (parent, grandparent, sibling older than 13, etc.) is with the Micro Buddy player on the field to help guide them and assist them in their learning! If you are too old for the Micro Buddy program, we have other programs available for you.

What should we wear?
Wear soccer cleats or tennis shoes with socks, some comfortable gym shorts, and your Micro Buddy t-shirt which you will receive the first day. Please also bring your soccer ball (which you will get the first day) and a water bottle.
  • Meets: Sunday afternoons starting March 25th- 2:00 pm - Densmore Soccer Park - 6701 South 14th (by Cooper YMCA)
  • Total cost for the season is $30.00
  • To register email Julie at with the following information -

1. Child's name
2. Parent's name, cell phone number, email address and home address
3. Child's date of birth


We at CSA want to find avenues for our littlest of soccer players, but US Youth Soccer and Nebraska State Soccer do not support children under the age of 5 participating in organized soccer.  Since our online registration is through Nebraska State Soccer and their registration of Affinity, we are unable to have an online registration process through them.  We apologize, but all players 4.5 years and above are able to register online, but the younger players can only register via the email to Julie!

Questions/Problems? Contact Julie Guyton at (402) 464-5425 or


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