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Soccer is the world's most popular team sport and among young people it's the fastest growing activity in the United States. Every week a child's life is touched by the camaraderie, competition, and just plain fun that soccer has to offer.

To enrich our lives through teaching soccer Capital Soccer Association is starting a TOPSoccer Program in the fall of 2001. Capital Soccer Association is cheering T.O. Haas for their generous contribution and support for our TOPSoccer Program. Until recently, children with disabilities were limited to the sidelines, watching their brothers or sisters play soccer. Now, thanks to Capital Soccer volunteer coaches, referees, T.O. Haas and the support of the program's first national sponsor Uniroyal Tire, Lincoln will be supporting TOPSoccer.

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community based training and team placement program for young athletes with special needs. The program, designed and administered by US Youth Soccer and its volunteer TOPSoccer Committee, provides meaningful learning, development and physical participation opportunities to these young athletes through the game of soccer. The emphasis of this program is on development, training, and meaningful participation rather than on competition. TOPSoccer was formed to perpetuate the US Youth Soccer mission statement, which is "to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition." Our goal is to enable the thousands of young athletes with disabilities to develop their physical fitness, technical skills, courage and self-esteem, through the joy and excitement of playing soccer. Our goal is to enable the thousands of young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of the Capital Soccer Association & US Youth Soccer families.

The TOPSoccer Program has three major Goals:
1. These young athletes will have FUN.
2. These young athletes will always feel good about themselves.
3. "FUN" is universal and all young athletes are allowed to have FUN.

Without compromising safety, the primary goal is to have these young athletes be as self reliant as possible. The overall goal is to see these young athletes participate and grow in their accomplishments and have fun while they do it!

  • Modifications are made to the game to allow full participation and enjoyment to each child.
  • One-on-one assistance is available to those who need it.
  • It offers a recreational, leisure approach to the game of soccer.

TOPSoccer not only benefits the children but the whole soccer community as well because other adults and teenagers can join in as volunteers. To see children with disabilities playing soccer and having fun brings joy to everyone’s heart.

TOPSoccer was designed not as a competitor to the programs run by other sports organizations for people with disabilities, but rather as a complementary program that works hand in hand with organizations like Special Olympics to expand the overall training and competition opportunities for young people with disabilities.

A TOPSoccer player is defined as any youth player between the ages of four and 19 (Capital will start with players between the ages of 5 and 19) who has a physical or mental disability that limits their ability to perform at the level of play they have chosen to participate in.

Upcoming CSA TopSoccer Seasons

  • Fall 2017: TBA
  • Indoor 2018: TBA
  • Spring 2018: TBA

How to register your child

Sign up anytime during the season simply by bringing the  medical consent forms (see below) to soccer practice. Medical consent forms need to signed by your child's physician within the past year. We will provide a registration form at soccer.


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