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2015-16 CSA Tryout Information

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Important CSA Dates Overview

  • 6/11-18 Open Training
  • 6/13-14 Coach Chris Kranjc will assist as Technical Advisor
  • 6/25-27 Tryouts and parents may meet coaches
  • 6/27 Team Offers and Agreements Signed

Give CSA A Try

Capital Soccer Association will be hosting team formation events on various dates from June 11th through June 27th. These events give all players, regardless of club affiliation, an opportunity to meet and train with the CSA coaches and players in their age group. CSA is a non-profit soccer club that has been serving the Lincoln community for over 35 years. The licensed coaches and trainers provide an environment where players of all skill levels can grow as soccer players and people.

You may pre-register by clicking the link below or just show up on the date/times for your age group listed on the schedule below. It's free, so you've got nothing to lose except an opportunity to learn about our club first hand.

Pre-register For Tryouts » (You will have to create account if you don't have one)

Where to go for check-in on tryout date - 

Check-in process for tryouts or late registration for tryouts (after noon on Thursday 06/25).  Any player not registered by noon on 06/25 will need to fill out a manual registration at the fields.

All players should go to their assigned tryout field.  On the south side of the fields, by the goals, a team representative will be there with clip boards and adhesive numbers.  Players need to check-in with the team representative and then they will receive an adhesive number to place on the back of their shirts.  All players should  wear white shirts or light colored shirts if possible.  This request is to assist the coaches if or when they give the players scrimmage vests to wear.  Check-in will begin 30 minutes prior to tryouts beginning, except the U13/14 girls which their check-in will start at 7:25 pm.  Any questions please contact Jackie via text or phone at 402-730-7838. 

Team Formation Event Schedule

  • U11 & 12 Girls - Head Coach Rudy Wagner - 402-730-7839
    • Thursday 6/25 5:30-7:00pm field 10 Tryouts
    • Friday 6/26 5:30-7:00pm field 10 Tryouts
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00-11:30am field 10 Tryouts - Signing day
  • U13 & 14 Girls - Head Coach Rudy Wagner - 402-730-7839
    • Thursday 6/25 7:30-8:30pm field 10 Tryouts
    • Friday 6/26 7:00-8:30pm field 10 Tryouts
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00am-2:00pm Signing day only no training
  • U11 Boys - Head Coach Jeremy Kester - 402-570-4361
    • Thursday 6/25 6:00-7:00pm field 12 West Tryouts
    • Friday 6/26 6:00-7:30pm field 12 West Tryouts
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00am-11:30am field 12 West Tryouts & Signing Day
  • U12 Boys - Head Coach Raul Guerra - 402-730-2943
    • Thursday 6/25 6:00-7:00pm field 8 Tryouts
    • Friday 6/26 6:00-7:30pm field 8 Tryouts
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00am-11:30am field 8 Tryouts & Signing Day
  • U13 Boys - Head Coach Alex Scheuler - 402-525-8691
    • Thursday 6/25 5:30-7:00pm Field #11
    • Friday 6/26 6:00-7:30pm Field #11
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00-11:30am Field #11 Tryouts & Signing Day
  • U14 Boys - Head Coach Harlan Milder - 402-598-0934
    • Thursday 6/25 6:00-7:00pm Field 17 Tryouts
    • Friday 6/26 6:00-7:30pm field 17 Tryouts
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00-11:30am field 17 Tryouts & Signing Day
  • U15/16 Boys - Head Coach Matt Chaffee - 402-416-9487
    • Thursday 6/25 6:00-7:00pm Field 18 Tryouts
    • Friday 6/26 6:00-7:30 pm Field 18 Tryouts
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00-11:30am Field 18 Tryouts & Signing Day
  • U17/18 Boys - Head Coach Phillip Yapp - 402-560-2446
    • Thursday 6/25 5:30-7:00pm Field 19 Tryouts
    • Saturday 6/27 10:00 Signing Day Only

New Team Formation/Recruiting

Nebraska State Soccer has made major changes to the Team Formation Policy which all clubs must follow for teams U11 and higher. The Open Opportunity Period has been removed. This means there is no longer any permissible time for coaches to recruit members from other clubs directly. In years past, there was a week where recruiting was permissible, but this has been removed. Recruiting outside of the team formation events each clubs hosts is not allowed.

Now there is a larger window of time for clubs to host team formation events, which in turn will allow players and parents to explore more options. During team formation events, players may attend team hosted clinics and training sessions to get a feel for the coach and players.

Offer and Signing Day

  • Saturday 6/27 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Sign your contract accepting your position onto the CSA team - one year commitment
  • Order and pay for your uniform


  • What is the cost for tryouts?
  • How do I sign up?
    Pre-register online here. (You will have to create account if you don't have one) or just show up on the date/times for your age group listed above.
  • Is it important to pre-register for tryouts?
    It helps us to be sure we have ample staff for the player ratio.
  • What is open training, do I need to attend?
    Open training is an opportunity to train with the current CSA team. This gives the player a chance to see what our CSA team training sessions are like, the current players and coaching staff. No registration is required for open training, you just go to the field indicated, introduce yourself to the coach and train. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch and talk to other parents about their experiences on the team.
  • What is the primary purpose of team formation events?
    The purpose is to evaluate individuals and place them on teams with players of similar abilities.
  • Tryouts - should you attend both dates and signing day?
    It is not required, but many coaches rely on several evaluator to assist in placing players with similar abilities on the same teams. Different evaluators see different abilities in players, so it is not required, but it is in the players best interest to attend as much of the tryouts as possible.
  • Will I stay on the same team all year?
    Possibly not, players may change teams for reasons that include injuries or illness or to promote players for their hard work and improvement.
  • Will all players be offered positions on the CSA teams?
    We will do our best to assist all players and create teams of similar abilities. We are a premier club but every child deserves opportunities to play so we will create multiple teams if we can to accommodate all players. We will also offer club teams if we have enough players. Club teams will participate in a league not as competitive and only practice two times a week. This is a great team for the less experienced or player who doesn't or can't commit to the time of the competitive team. Players of all abilities are encouraged to tryout.
  • Can I play multi-sports and still be included on a CSA team?
    Yes, but each coach has different expectations so please discuss this with the head coach during the tryout process.
  • I hear it is really expensive to play club soccer....
    Club soccer as with any sport is an investment. At CSA your fees pay:
    • Training fields both outdoor in the fall and spring for U11-U17 and indoor during the winter months
    • Insurance on all players
    • League fees - NSLE, APL, MRL, or the new Nebraska State Soccer League
    • Licensed coaching staff
    • Goalie? Specialized Goalie training
    • High School? Coaches assist in college placement for players who want to play college soccer
    • For additional information about our fee structure please visit our programs - costs and fees page or call Jackie with questions at 402-464-5425. If your family needs assistance with the fee structure, please let us assist you with a payment plan that may be more comfortable for your family.
  • What should we expect for a typical year?
    Fall season will begin shortly after tryouts in July. Teams will train 2-3 times per week, usually on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with games on the weekends. Most teams due 1-2 out of state tournaments per season (KC or Des Moines). Winter training begins in November and is included in your cost for all U11-U17 teams. They will train one time per week, more if space is available. Teams may elect to play in additional indoors leagues for an added cost of $30-50 per player approximately. Spring starts in March (weather permitting), with games starting end of March. The season will go through the end of June until tryouts begin the next year. The spring season mimics the fall season with league and tournament play. High school teams will train until high school tryouts begin in late February and then resume after high school season is finished for all players. Typical games depends on number of teams in the leagues but minimum of 6 up to 12.
  • What is team camp?
    Team camp is a camp specifically your age group/team with a college coach. The current coaches on staff for this summer's team camps are Chris Kranjc and Matt Briggs (bio's can be found on this page above). The additional cost is $100.00 and is paid at the time of the camp. This money is used to pay for the training fields and the coach plus his expenses. All players on the team are expected to attend, and all players must pay this fee. We guarantee a payment for every player on the team to the training coach. Team camp dates are being set and will be announced prior to tryouts. Currently the following camps are set -
  • If I cannot go to the tournament am I expected to pay?
    At select level all players are expected to attend the tournaments and costs are divided equally among the players. If a guest player is needed to attend due to a team player not attending the tournament there is no fee to that guest player.

Formation Dates from Nebraska State Soccer

  • 6/10 Select Team Formation begins
  • 6/19 Select Team Formation stops for Midwest Regionals
  • 6/25 Select Team Formation resumes After Midwest Regionals
  • 6/27 at 10am Offer Date

Important Team Formation Rules

  1. Players do not need permission from their current Affiliate Member to participate in a Select Team Formation Event with another Affiliate Member during this period.
  2. Starts the first Wednesday after the Spring State Cup until the Friday before the Midwest Regional and the Thursday after the Midwest Regional until a player accepts an offer on or after the offer date. If Affiliate Members choose, they can hold their team formation event after the offer date.
  3. No Select Team Formation Events may be held during the play dates of the Midwest Regionals (Saturday through Wednesday). Affiliate Members may hold other activities (e.g. training sessions) with members of their clubs.
  4. Affiliate Members may only schedule Select Team Formation Events or hold open training sessions during this period. Sanctioned games cannot be used as a Select Team Formation Event.
  5. Affiliate Members may contact their current players and parent/legal guardians anytime during the Select Team Formation Period, but cannot contact any player or parent/legal guardian of any other Affiliate Member, by any means (e.g. verbally, electronically) after they leave the Team Formation Event site until the Offer and Acceptance date.
  6. Penalty: Any Affiliate Member parent/legal guardian, player, coach (paid or unpaid), no staff member (paid or unpaid), administrator, board member, independent contractor and/or entities violating this section will be subject suspension and probation. If a parent/legal guardian violates this section, the player of the parent/legal guardian will also be subject to the same suspension. On any second or additional offense, all sanctions will double.
  7. Offers and Acceptance: Affiliate Members can make a written offer by letter or email, to any player(s) or parent/legal guardian(s) after 10:00 a.m. on the first Saturday after the Midwest Regional.
  8. Penalty: Any Affiliate Member parent/legal guardian, player, coach (paid or unpaid), no staff member (paid or unpaid), administrator, board member, independent contractor and/or entities violating this section will be subject to up to one year suspension of the individual, up to $1,000 fine to the club and/or individual. On any second or additional offense, all sanctions will double.

Field Status

Open Open

Abbott Outdoor Fields (04:45 PM | 05/02/16)

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