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Capital Soccer Association offers a number of events and fundraising opportunities to help maintain and grow the services that we offer to our member families. Our goal is to use fundraising to enhance the opportunities for players and families within the club and community, while constantly striving to improve the level and training that we provide each and every player.

Wreath Fundraiser

CSA is starting our first Christmas Fundraiser!  A percent of our gross sales will go to Peoples city Mission and the Capital Humane Society. All fundraising profits go the the club and not individual teams.  Ben Damewood our DOC has asked in the past that all teams within CSA reach out and do community service.  This is our project for the year.  If our club is successful this year we will do this fundraiser every Christmas.  We can decide as a club who we will donate to every year as well.

We will start our fundraiser on Monday Oct 22nd and we will end our fundraiser on November 21st

Our club is participating in 2 different options for our fundraiser. 

Option 1:  Fundraiser flyer- Forward pdf  to friends and family.  They can shop the whole web-site.  They must put our ID code, which is CAS in the document and they will receive a %10 discount and the club will receive commission for the sale.  Worcester Wreath will ship to them direct.  This is a good way to get additional sales when you are not going door to door, This promo for Option 1 ends Dec 30 2012.  CAS is not a typs.  This was the prom code they gave us.  With option 1 there is a place when your customer checks out that they need to put CAS in box.  Below this box is another box.  Have them put your players name so they get the credit for the sale.

Option 2:  Fundraiser order sheets.  There are 3 of them.  The candle centerpiece, tabletop tree, and the wreath.  Please have your player print all three of these order sheets along with the tally sheet and you are good to go.  Please collect all money up front.  You will deliver these items to your customer in the last few days of November or December 1. This option is for door to door.

Each team can work the fundraiser how they best see fit.  Remember, there will be awards for selling the most items in different categories.  Most likely the awards will be gift certificates to juice stop and other merchants.  Option 2 ends Nov 21st.  because we need to place the order for the club and distribute.  The prices for option 2 are:

  •  Wreath  $29.99
  •  Candle Centerpiece  $19.99
  •  Tabletop Tree   $49.99                   

Please turn in your order tally sheet and money you have collected into Jackie or your team parent no later than November 21st.

If anyone has some fun ideas on how we can participate as a group for a day or so, that would be great.

If you have further questions please feel free to call me at 430-5595.


Kimm Kavan
CSA Board - Fundraising

To print the WWC Fundraising flyer and view the wreaths click here.

To print the WWC - Fundraising Order Sheet- Single Candle Centerpiece click here.

To print the WWC - Fundraising Order Sheet - Tabletop Tree click here


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