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College Placement


CSA’s College Placement Program is for CSA families whose high school aged soccer player is seeking advice about college soccer. The program is free to CSA members and is overseen by our own Director of Coaching. We offer players professional quality Letters of Recommendation to College Coaches from both CSA Coaches and the Director of Coaching, as well as Player Evaluations which can be sent to College Coaches to help in the recruiting process.

Mentoring Program


Our mentoring program seeks to develop leadership, character, and integrity amongst our High School aged competitive teams. Each week 2 or 3 players from our older teams will visit younger competitive team or youth team practices and act as an assistant coach for that team. By using this model we hope that our older players can develop or enhance their leadership skills, communication, and positive influence, while providing role models for our youth and young players.

Younger competitive players may be asked to serve as assistant coaches in our Micro Program to help begin the mentoring process, build confidence, and social interaction skills.

Community Service


Each team is expected to undertake a community service project during the year. We do not want our players just to be good at soccer, we want them to be shining examples of character, integrity, and caring. Offering teams the opportunity to serve in the community helps build an understanding of service and how important that can be in developing the right life skills to be successful, but also offers the opportunity to impact both our players and the community in ways that may not be possible in everyday interaction.

Scholarship Program


CSA believes that every player should have the opportunity to play soccer regardless of their ability to reach the financial requirements involved with select soccer. We offer scholarships to players that meet specific financial and economic criteria who can display their inability to pay. We pride ourselves in what we can offer all players and our scholarship program is a huge part in helping all players learn and play the game.


If you wish to learn more about our scholarship program or are interested in giving to our scholarship program you may contact Jackie at


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