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Capital Soccer Association

Select Soccer U11-U19


We offer premier soccer training for players U11 to U19 looking to develop and enhance their individual and team soccer skills. Our highly qualified coaching staff is professionally licensed by the United States Soccer Federation, National Soccer Coaches Association of America, or international equivalent. 

We are committed to developing exceptional soccer players both on and off the field who exemplify character, integrity, work ethic, and respect coupled with technical excellence and a high level of tactical understanding.

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2021-2022 Team formation:

Player Evaluation sessions: 

All sessions will be held at Speedway Village (345 Speedway Circle Lincoln, NE 68502)
for Sporting (LNK)

U11-U13:  June 7-12

June 7th, field # 3

2009 Boys     5:30-7pm
2010 Boys     7-8:30pm
2011 Boys     7-8:30pm

June 8th, field # 3

2009 Girls     5:30-7pm
2010 Girls     5:30-7pm
2011 Girls     7pm-8:30pm

June 9th, field # 3

2010 Boys    5:30-7pm
2011 Boys    5:30-7pm
2009 Boys    7-8:30pm

June 10th, field # 3

2011 Girls    5:30-7pm
2009 Girls    7-8:30pm
2010 Girls    7-8:30pm

June 11th, field # 3

2009 Boys    5:30-7pm
2010 Boys    7-8:30pm
2011 Boys    7-8:30pm

June 11th, field # 4

2009 Girls    5:30-7pm
2010 Girls    5:30-7pm
2011 Girls    7-8:30pm

U14-U19:  June 28th-July 1st

June 28th, field # 3

2008 Boys     5:30-7pm
2003 Boys     7-8:30pm
2004 Boys     7-8:30pm

June 28th, field # 4

2005 Girls    5:30-7pm
2006 Girls    5:30-7pm
2007 Girls    5:30-7pm
2008 Girls    5:30-7pm

2007 Boys    7-8:30pm

June 29th, field # 3

2008 Boys    5:30-7pm
2003 Boys    7-8:30pm
2004 Boys    7-8:30pm

June 29th, field # 4

2007 Boys    5:30-7pm
2005 Boys    7-8:30pm
2006 Boys    7-8:30pm

June 30th, field # 3

2003 Boys    5:30-7pm
2004 Boys    5:30-7pm
2005 Boys    7-8:30pm
2006 Boys    7-8:30pm

June 30th, field # 4

2007 Boys    5:30-7pm

2005 Girls     7-8:30pm
2006 Girls     7-8:30pm
2007 Girls     7-8:30pm
2008 Girls     7-8:30pm

July 1st, field # 3

2005 Boys    5:30-7pm
2006 Boys    5:30-7pm
2008 Boys    7-8:30pm

July 1st, field # 4

2005 Girls    5:30-7pm
2006 Girls    5:30-7pm
2007 Girls    5:30-7pm
2008 Girls    5:30-7pm

Please inquire within if interested in attending these events at either [email protected] or [email protected]

For further information on our teams and if interested in an external offer please contact tour DOC, at [email protected] At any time you can inquire for general information regarding our teams, per NE State Soccer rules. You can also be re-sent an offer from your own club, if the initial/early offer has not been accepted. 

Soccer Age Chart:

The 2021/2022 soccer year runs from July 2021 to June 2022, the player birth year chart is listed below. 
U11- 2011
U12 -2010
U13 -2009
U14 -2008
U15 -2007
U16 -2006
U17 -2005
U18 -2004
U19 -2003

2021-2022 Registration Fees:
U11-15 Select Teams (full year)  $ 1300

U16-19 Select Teams  $ 1000
(All High School aged players)

What is included with Registration fees:
Fall and Spring League (NYSL)
3 training per week
1 training per week (Winter indoor)

What is not included with Registration fees:
Uniform cost
Winter Indoor Leagues

Teams may elect to collect team fees to cover tournaments and winter indoor leagues.

Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify and apply. Please visit our scholarship tab or email [email protected] for more information. 


Club Teams:
For full teams, NOT interested in our select program tiers above, additional team formation options are available within Capital. Please email our Director of Coaching, Alex Scheuler at either [email protected] or [email protected] to receive more information about this program for any team or individuals that may be interested. 

Club Contacts