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Our goal is to make soccer as affordable as possible for all of our families. Here is a breakdown of our select costs and fees for an entire year.

U11-U14 -  $1175.00 registration, team select camp, field, and coaching costs

U15-U17 -  $685.00 registration, field and coaching costs

U18 - $475.00 registration, field and coaching costs
Season ends after last league game or 10/31 whichever comes first
Players who wish to continue to train through the winter months may due so at an hourly rate.  This training may or may not be done by the head coach of the current U18 team.  This is dependent on the number of players who sign up for additional winter training. 

***All fees, except U18, include 16 team indoor training session which will be arranged by your teams coach.***

Please note that CSA does offer scholarships both full and partial for families who may not be able to reach the financial requirements set forth by the club.

To qualify for a scholarship you need to provide a copy of your most recent pay stub which includes year to date  or income taxes (2015 tax return), along with this scholarship form (click here). 

These costs do not include tournament costs or travel costs.  All teams are expected to pay fees for the coach associated with the tournament.  All teams that travel more than 60 miles for a tournament that plays more than one night will be expected to pay $35.00 per day for coaches food, either mileage allowance, rental car, and/or cost of fuel for the coach to travel to the tournament, and hotel costs for the coach.  This is divided equally among all players on the team.  All players are required to pay the costs associated with the tournament regardless of their attendance to the tournament.  Guest players who are asked to participate in the tournament are not required to pay any fees in association with that tournament.

These costs do include team camp fees for our U11-14 teams.  Team camp fees are camps held by college coaches at for individual teams.  

The registration cost does not include uniform, practice attire, or equipment.  All players are required to have Capital Soccer uniforms and designated practice attire.  The cost for the select uniform is approximately $215.00 with tax. This includes 2 custom jerseys, 2 custom shorts, 2 socks, and 2 training jerseys. The U18 boys will be grandfathered in to not purchase the new uniform package. This uniform package cost is based off of adult sizes.  Youth sizes are a little cheaper.


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