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Coaching Assignments

2019-2020 Coaching Assignments

At Capital Soccer Association we pride ourselves in having a full staff of highly licensed coaches, to give your son/daughters the best experience we can. Below are our coaching assignments for the 2019-2020 soccer year. Looking forward to a great year of development and accolades for our teams and coaches! -Director of Coaching Alex Scheuler.

2019-2020 Select Coaching Assignments


U19- 01/02B Gold- Cameron Meter/Jeff Hoham

U17- 03B Gold- Joel Bergt/Alex Scheuler

U16- 04B Gold- Joel Bergt
U16- 04B Red- Jeremiah Majorins/Edward Meitzen

U15- 05B Gold- Alex Scheuler
U15- 05B Red- Jeremiah Majorins

U14- 06B Gold- Joel Bergt 
U13- 07B Gold- Ryan Davis/Phil Yapp
U12- 08B Gold- Alex Scheuler

U12- 08B Red- Dakheel Sulaiman
U11- 09B Gold- Phil Yapp

U15- 05G Gold- Ryan Davis/Phil Yapp 
U14- 06/07G Gold- Edward Meitzen
U12- 08/09G Gold- Edward Meitzen 

2019-2020 Youth Academy Staff:

Edward Meitzen
Brady Thompson
David Cook

Andrew Ashleford
Ryan Davis
Joey Kalin
Alyce Borkenhagen
Mayte Corrall

Micro and Micro Buddy Staff:
Edward Meitzan- Youth Coordinator
Joey Kalin- Micro Coordinator
Select and Micro Coaches on a rotating basis



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