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Academy Uniforms

Ages: U9-U10

All uniforms will be ordered through Soccer Master. You will receive a link from your team manager with the details.

For Select teams the Warm-up TOP is mandatory. Players can still wear the bottoms from last year.


All uniform items with customization are given to the Sporting Omaha FC at exclusive prices that are only available to our members.


U9-U11 teams: Players will be assigned numbers

U12-U19 teams: Player numbers will be coordinated by the team coach.


Email link
An email will be sent to each player from your Team Manager with a SoccerMaster uniform link to enter the online platform information. The email will also include a list of all required items for the player. Website access is not available to the public; the link contains a cookie to access the Sporting Omaha FC site. You must enter the system through this link in order to gain access to the Sporting Omaha FC site.


Completion Dates
All players are expected to order their uniforms when the email link has been sent.

Sporting Omaha FC accepts no liability for mistakes made during uniform ordering. Players are expected to order their own uniform as listed on Soccer Master. Soccer Master and Sporting Omaha FC are committed to answer questions on the uniform process in a timely manner.

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