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Coaching with Character

LISTEN to your coaches

Stop what you are doing, make eye contact and listen to your coaches when they are speaking

Make an effort to concentrate on what is being said and learn from your coaches


FOLLOW the coaches instructions

Listen to your coach the entire time they are providing instruction

Do what your coach asks immediately and with energy, ask if you don't understand


ACCEPT coach as it makes you better

Follow your coaches instruction without hesitation or talking back

If you feel frustrated, visit with your coach at an appropriate time


Get along with your TEAMMATES

Make positive comments toward your teammates and avoid negative comments

Ignore irriating behaviors and encourage participation at all levels



Do everything to the best of your ability and challenge yourself

Always hustle and stay on task, avoiding horseplay with teammates


RESPECT your opponenets and referee's

Play within the rules of the game and don't trash talk an opponenet or referee

Ignore Unsportsmanlike behavior from opponenets and do not respond to it


Be PREPARED for practices and games

Being prepared is your responsibility, pack your equipment and jearseys well ahead of time

Show up on time ready to play to the best of your ability


Win with CLASS and lose with DIGNITY

Act appropriately regardless of the final score of the game

Don't brag or boast when winning and don't make excuses when losing


RESPECT your club, facilities and coaches

Treat your coaches, families and facilities with respect and always clean-up after yourself

Learn from every opportunity and challenge you face

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