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Zone 1 - U9 Curriculum - Season Plan


Technical: Improve individual and collective basic soccer techniques.

Tactical: Creating space to receive the ball and keep possession


Physical: Develop speed, coordination & balance with and without the ball.


Psychosocial: Positive interaction with teammates during the game


Scrimmage: Efficiently occupy the spaces on the field.

By the end of the season the player must be

capable of:

1. Basic skills in 1v1 situations

2. Balance in relation to the ball

(fwd, backward, side-to-side)


3. Basic coordinated movements with and without the ball

Content Distribution


Sessions Per Week: 4

Player Pool: 12

Session Length: 90’

Game Length: 50’

Session Structure

Aspects to Consider

Stage 1: Warm-up & Technical Progressions


Stage 2:

Small-Sided Activity


Stage 3:

Expanded Activity


Stage 4: Game

– Size of Training Area


– Time of Training


– Intensity of Training


– Rules & Restrictions


– Number of Players


– Opposition / Neutrals


The player will keep maximum contact with the ball in individual practices and less touches in collective practices.


Formations: 1-2-3-1

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