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Sporting Omaha FC Donation and Booster Club

Membership Drive
TAGG...You are IT!
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TAGG helps organizations raise money without asking your supporters to spend an extra dime. This includes schools, non-profit organizations, places of worship, teams and even team members.


How TAGG Works:

  • Ask your supporters to download the free mobile app: Together A Greater Good

  • They visit participating businesses and ask to TAGG their purchase.

  • They choose your organization, and the business will donate 5% to you!


How to TAGG a purchase

  • Step one: Download the TAGG - Together A Greater Good app

  • Step two: Click the ‘TAGG My Purchase’ button on the app, and tell the cashier you want to TAGG your purchase.

  • Step three: Enter in the total pre-tax amount of your purchase, (show the cashier), then click ‘Next’.

  • Step four: Your camera should appear and the waiter/cashier will provide you with an orange QR card to scan to validate your purchase.

  • Step five: Choose which organization you wish to support (then team, then member, if applicable



  • TAGG has partnered with over 100 local businesses who will donate 5% of every “TAGGED” purchase to your organization (if chosen by TAGG customer)

  • No cost to your organization to raise money through TAGG

  • No extra cost to your supporters

  • Attract new supporters who may not have been able or willing to support you otherwise

  • Give existing supporters an additional way to support you

  • Money raised can be tracked at an organization, team, or individual level


Sporting Omaha FC feels life's richest rewards come in helping those who need it most.  You can help us make a difference with tomorrow's young athletes.  From our TOPSoccer program, created for kids with special needs, to assisting families who may not be able to afford the blessings that soccer can teach our youth, Sporting Omaha FC lends a hand and heart, whenever possible.  

We greatly appreciate financial support from individuals and corporations, just like you.  The affects of your donation can so easily be seen in the smiles and looks of great pride that appear on the faces of these children. Ask Tim Bennett about opportunities to donate, as we try to build today's youth soccer into so much more than just a game.


Align your product or service with a respected organization that attracts families and fans, unlike any other!  Whether you'd like to be included in our next e-blast or a proud sponsor of one of our many promotional platforms, Sporting Omaha FC can put you front & center with thousands of our member families.      


Sporting Omaha Football Club prides itself on  cultivating a passion for the game  while instilling character in our players, parents and coaches.  Our values extend well beyond the soccer field and help each athlete to better understand respect, effort, responsibility, teamwork, and more.


As a promotional partner, you can look forward to affiliating with a well-run organization that has high standards and garners positive respect in the community.  Sporting Omaha FC can help to lead our members to you.  For examples of the many promotional platforms and ways we can tailor a partnership to your goals, contact Tim Bennett:

Kelley Jo VerVelde Memorial Scholarship

The Kelley Jo VerVelde Memorial Scholarship started in 2009 to carry on the memorial of our beloved player and friend. For more information please click the link below.



Learn more about Omaha Gives! and our participation from 2015.

Booster Club

Please use the on-line form (link attached below) or the PDF form (attached below) to sign-up for this new and exciting club! We will be starting very soon with planning fun & festive activities and you do not want to miss the opportunity to be a part of this amazing group of people!


Those of you who have signed up, please encourage your friends to join. The more members we have the more wonderful events we can plan!


The Membership drive will be ending August 20th and the planning will begin. We want YOU!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


We look forward to having you join us!

14706 Giles Road
Omaha, NE 68138
Attn: Booster Club

Click Here for Online Booster Club Sign Up Form

Click Here for PDF Booster Club Sign Up Form

Any Questions please contact:

Omaha FC


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