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FAQs about the Girls Academy

What is the Girls Academy?

The GA formed in 2020 after the shutdown of the DA. It was developed to offer an option to the DA clubs and other top clubs in their geographical area for their most competitive players to compete and be showcased. Since their start, the GA has continued to grow and for the 2023/2024 season they currently host nine conferences with 91 teams from across the country. 


What are Some of the Benefits of Playing in the GA?

The GA’s elite training environment promotes increased technical standards and allows for greater accountability for players and coaches. Coaches can devote more time to these areas in training. The GA will continue to provide an improved environment with the proper training-to-game ratio that supports year-round periodization for proper development.


Can GA players play for their High School teams?

Yes. The Girls Academy empowers each conference, and therefore each club, to manage the demands of their schedule to allow for the option of high school soccer should they choose to do so. Therefore, yes, our players will be given time off from the GA to play high school in the spring.


How many games are played and how long is the GA Season?

Each GA team plays approximately 15 to 22 league games (cross-conference), with some additional games played over showcase events.


What age groups will participate?

Sporting Nebraska FC will place teams at U13, U14, U15, U16 U17, & U18/19.

How Many Players Does the GA allow on a Roster?

Clubs can roster 18 up to 22 players per age group.


Have the substitution rules changed from ECNL?

The substitution rule will follow the same guidelines. All GA games will have a maximum of seven substitutions per game with no re-entry per half across five “opportunities”, no more than three opportunities per half.


Will there be showcases?

Yes! The GA hosts events for U13-U19 teams, both showcases and playoff events with college coach attendance. For example, the Winter Showcase in 2022 for U15-U19 hosted over 280 college coaches: 178 Division I, 34 Division II, 43 Division III, and over 20 NAIA and NJCAA schools.


Winter Showcase: U15-U19
Spring Showcase: U13 & U14

Summer Playoffs & Showcase: U13-U19

Finals: July


In addition to the showcases, each conference will host a Talent ID camp where invited players from their conference will be selected to attend. From there, players will be chosen to attend the National ID camp in the summer.


Can GA Clubs Participate in Non-GA Competitions?

Yes, GA teams can play in other leagues, tournaments, and state competitions.


Will US Soccer YNT continue to scout the players in the GA?

Yes. The US YNT coaching and talent identification staff are tasked with identifying the best talent possible. Due to the high number of players around the country that play in the Girls Academy, many of whom have already been called into YNT’s, they will continue identifying players within the GA.


How does my daughter tryout for the Sporting Nebraska FC Girls Academy League team?

We will host ID Camps to identify players we feel will be a good fit for the GA. Please fill out the application on our main page or here: Girls Academy ID Camp.


What is the Travel Fee and Who Pays for Travel Expenses?

GA players are responsible for all travel expenses.


How Many Days Does a Girls Academy League Team Train?

There is a requirement of 3-4 times per week. The average training cycle with games equates to 3-4 training sessions per week.

How will this help my daughter reach her goals of collegiate and professional soccer?

Girls Academy clubs will compete against clubs in national tournaments, college showcases, and special cross-conference events. Competing against some of the biggest and best clubs and players in the country, our players will see high quality opponents each week and have the opportunity to showcase their talents on the national stage.


Are the uniforms different for GA vs competitive teams?

Uniforms for Girls Academy vs competitive teams are nearly identical, with just one additional (GA) patch on the GA uniforms. As this will be the first year of the two-year uniform cycle, all players will have to purchase the uniform kit.


What is the cost to play for the Sporting Nebraska FC GA program?

Player registration fees for the 2023/2024 season will be announced soon.

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