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Physical Therapy/Rehab

Soccer-Specific Rehabilitation

When it comes to injury rehabilitation, your athlete deserves the best!  They should be given the attention they deserve to get back into the game as safely, quickly, and as confidently as possible.  It is important to seek out a physical therapist who understands the mental and physical make up of an athlete and is able to incorporate sport-specific exercises along with prevention exercises into a physical therapy program.

  • Because of OPTI’s passion for soccer, OPTI is committed to providing the region’s most advanced soccer-specific rehabilitation. 

  • All of OPTI’s physical therapists are athletes themselves and understand the desire to compete and get back to a sport confidently after an injury.

  • OPTI’s physical therapists will give your athlete one-on-one attention that is needed to speed up recovery and allow for faster return to their sport.

  • OPTI’s physical therapists are consultants for the Omaha FC coaches, players, and parents on injuries, rehabilitation, and preventative care.

OPTI has a secondary clinic inside of the Omaha Sports Complex on 144th & Dodge, home of Omaha FC!  The physical therapists at OPTI have access to the field which allows athletes to experience sport-specific rehab on a turf surface!

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) continues to offer

FREE injury screens for OFC athletes and coaches. 


The injury screens are provided at their main location on

144th & Dodge throughout the week


at their secondary location inside of the Omaha Sports Complex on

Thursday afternoon/evening. 


If you are interested in a free injury screen, please contact OPTI

at 402-934-8688 to get on the schedule.   

Results are expected at OPTI!  We can help you get better faster! 

For more information, please check out

The physical therapists at OPTI have treated several players, coaches, and family member from OFC and have consulted with several coaches on safe and appropriate drills and stretches for warm up and cool down to decrease the risk for injury.  Here is what they are saying!


 “After my knee surgery, I was going to go to a PT clinic that was near my house but then a fellow coach told me about OPTI and their sports rehab.  I am so glad I chose to drive 5 more minutes to get the best physical therapy in Omaha!”  Chris


 “I am so glad my doctor recommended OPTI for physical therapy after my ankle surgery.  It was awesome having my physical therapy be ‘soccer-related’ which helped me not only physically but mentally as well.”  Ryan


 “As a soccer coach and player, I appreciate the knowledge the staff at OPTI possesses regarding the sport. This is so beneficial for the patient. It was awesome being in the clinic and seeing how they incorporate the patient’s sport into their rehab.”  Mike


 “The PT’s at OPTI are so kind, approachable, and knowledgeable and you really feel important when you are there.”  Danielle


 “They treat you like family at OPTI.  You just don’t get that in healthcare anymore.”  Bill


 “I actually felt faster and had a better touch on the ball when I returned to playing after my ACL surgery.”    Taylor


 “Going to physical therapy at OPTI was something I looked forward to every week.  Katie not only helped me with the physical part but she also got me through the mental obstacles of recovery.  OPTI is the only clinic I know that will take their patients out on the field and work with them one-on-one.  The therapists there made me feel comfortable and they could always make me laugh through the frustrating times in rehab.”  Ally


 “After I tore my ACL I was devastated but with the help of Katie and OPTI, I am back playing again this season.  She not only cared about me as a patient but she truly cared about me as a person and an athlete.  I strongly recommend OPTI to anyone without hesitation.”  Taylor


144TH & Dodge
(625 North 144TH Ave, Suite 102)

14706 Giles Road

(Located inside the Omaha Sports Complex)



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