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What the Girls' Development Academy is All About, Part 1

Dear Families,

On March 8, we announced our partnership with the U.S. Soccer Girl’s Development Academy (GDA) for the 2018-19 season. We are excited to be part of this elite program and the opportunities it provides for our players, coaches and club.

Our decision to become a partner in the Development Academy was deliberate; we carefully evaluated the program including the pros and cons to ensure it aligned with our club philosophy and core values and was a good fit strategically. This development structure puts the needs of the player and their environment ahead of the competitions and trophies, optimizing the everyday environment to maximize a player’s development.

As part of our partnership rollout, we have held informational “Town Hall” meetings in which we have reviewed the program, including its primary focus of positively affecting everyday club environments and assisting in maximizing youth player development. Since our meetings, we had had several questions from parents and players about the program. Most of the questions deal with what some would consider the more contentious aspects of the DA, the no outside competition rule and the substitution rule. Questions have also been asked about player eligibility for the program and the impact that may have on playing opportunities for club members.

To ensure that we are responding promptly, thoroughly and consistently to your questions, we will be sending out a series of emails addressing each of the four areas on interest:

1. Why the Development Academy?

2. What if you don’t make a DA team?

3. What does the no outside competition rule mean?

4. What is the substitution rule?

You will receive these emails every three to five days. We would encourage you to forward them to others who may be asking questions or making assumptions about this program. As always, we are available to answer your questions or provide information that you need about the DA or any other Sporting Omaha FC programs. The club is also working on getting out upcoming dates, events, etc... As soon as we have everything ready we will let you know.


Tim Bennett

Sporting Omaha FC

Executive Director

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