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GA Cup Experience - SKC Boys Academy

The Generation adidas Cup is one of the premier competitive youth soccer tournaments in North America. The GA Cup focuses on player development while providing elite competition for those involved. 

This year two of our Sporting Omaha FC boys were invited to play with the SKC Academy team at the event: Jon Ward and Jordan Igwenma, both from SOFC 07 Elite.  

November 2018 was the first time the U-12 competition did not take place during the Under-17 tournament in Frisco, Texas. Instead, the U-12's competed over Thanksgiving weekend in Atlanta. Sporting Kansas City won the U-12 competition back in March. 14 MLS teams competed with 12 affiliate teams taking part in a separate competition.

SOFC would like to congratulate the boys, and we look forward to following their progress with Sporting KC. 

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