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Coaches of the Month

We want to announce our Sporting Nebraska Coaches of the Month. Both of these coaches bring a lot to our organization and go above and beyond.

Coach of the Month - Kerry Kester

We are proud to name Kerry Kester as the Sporting Nebraska FC Coach of the Month. Kerry has been a pillar in the Eastern Nebraska soccer community since the late 80’s, with a consistent and proven path of developing players the right way. He has earned a variety of coaching certifications including his National C license and has worked with a number of coaches and programs across the Midwest and also abroad. Kerry has even published his own technical soccer manual, “Coaching Soccer Techniques” as a guide for the many of the players and coaches he has mentored over the years.

Kerry’s gentle yet firm approach to coaching has proven impactful for many of our players at Sporting Nebraska. He instills discipline and a love for the game while allowing space for creativity and freedom in his teams. Perhaps the best way to describe Kerry is that of a patriarch. He believes that a coach can have a profound effect on the lives of the players for whom we guide along the way…and he lives his life accordingly.

Congratulations, Kerry. We appreciate you! - Ryan Kruse


Coach of the Month - Mike Doria

Mike Doria is a member of our Omaha youth Recreational U7 coaching staff. However, for over 20 years, Mike has been active in the development of players in Omaha regardless of their age and ability. Interactions with Mike prove that he is humble, approachable and loves to chat about anything soccer. His greatest team accomplishment may be his player retention since all of his players score goals and have fun. Congrats Coach Mike!

- Christina Lewis

Our friendship started almost 20 years ago. Mike and I worked summer camps in Omaha and Gretna, during this time Mike showed great attention to player development and was excited to coach every player regardless of age and ability. Mike is humble and always approachable willing to chat about the game we all love. Well done Mate!

Fun fact on coach Doria: when arriving an hour before camps he would put in endless laps around the field, then say I am now ready to coach!

- Alex Mason


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