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Coach of the Month

Each month the directors name two coaches that represent Sporting Nebraska FC values and commitment to our players. Congratulations to the February winners: Brian & Ron.

Brian Herbert

Coach Brian has been an integral part of the Sporting family and the Pre-Academy program for over six years. He has consistently shown his passion for the game and for developing our players. His coaching philosophy emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill development. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our players have the training they need to succeed on and off the field.

Coach Brian has shown great leadership and communication skills as a coach, and he has created a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for our young athletes. In addition to developing them as soccer players, he has also helped them develop as people by instilling in them the values of respect, responsibility, and resilience.

Coach Brian frequently demonstrates the preferred coaching style for Sporting's youth players. He takes a player-centered approach in which the coach functions as a facilitator rather than an instructor. This means he encourages players to participate actively in their own development, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for their progress.

Coach Brian respects individual differences and fosters a positive team culture where each player can thrive. He also does an excellent job of locating age-appropriate training. He has an uncanny ability to recognize that younger players require a different approach than older players. Finally, Coach Brian prioritizes each player's holistic development and creates an environment that promotes growth, learning, and fun. He is always eager to learn and adapt, staying current on new training methods to provide the best experience possible for their players.

He is an excellent coach for young players and is enthusiastic about the game of soccer. He is patient and upbeat, and he can effectively communicate with players, parents, and other coaches. Coach Brian is well-versed in both the technical and tactical aspects of the game. He is able to teach these concepts in a fun and engaging manner for young players. He is dedicated to developing the talent of young players. He has done an excellent job as a coach at the Pre-Academy.

Ron Carson

We are proud to name Ron Carson as the Sporting Nebraska FC Coach of the Month. Ron has been working with our 2013 boy's academy program for the past year. This is Ron's second go around as a coach with our club and a key asset to our player's development.

In the past, Ron helped guide our 95/96 age group to multiple tournaments and state championships. Ron's gentle approach to coaching has proven impactul to many of our players at Sporting Nebraska. He instills discipline and a love of the game while allowing space for creativity and freedom for his teams. Ron has earned a multiple of coaching certifications and worked with a number of coaches/programs across the state of Nebraska.


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