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From player to coach, Mo's return to the game

Maureen "Mo" Thomsen is originally from Omaha and started playing soccer for her St. Wenceslaus school team at the age of 4. With three daughters excited about playing soccer, her father took interest too, obtaining a D license, coaching their teams, and becoming active in the soccer community. Both her parents even played in a coed league while growing up - soccer was certainly a family past time.

In middle school, Mo competed in 3v3 where her team advanced to regionals multiple years in a row. Soccer was becoming much more competitive for Mo, so she decided to try select soccer. She started playing with Toro Girls Soccer Club and over the years moved to joined Arsenal Soccer Club where she got to know Alex Mason. In high school Mo was the striker for Skutt Catholic during her sophomore through senior years. Her shining moment came in Conference play during her Junior year. Mo scored a header off a cross for the go-ahead goal that earned the team their place in State qualifying that year.

After high school, Mo attended Kansas State University where she played Division I club soccer. They were ranked 15th nationally. Her team also spent those years advocating for a Title IX bid to become a Varsity team. They lost the bid at that time, but the decision was eventually overturned 10 years later. Now, Mo has loved watching her alma mater develop into a much-deserved Division I program.

Upon returning to Omaha post-graduation in 2006, Mo started volunteer coaching within the CYSL program through her childhood school St. Wenceslaus. While coaching at a tournament, she met Neil Hope as he served as a linesman to the game. Shortly after Mo joined Neil at Omaha Football Club where they coached the '96 Gold and Black teams together. Mo spent the past ten years working with the Youth Development Program at Sporting Omaha FC. During that time, she received her National Youth License. “Earning my National Youth License was an incredible experience the club provided. The license was much more than how to teach soccer skills to youth. I learned to understand the mindset of players at various ages and how to interact with them in order to bring out the best in their potential.”

This year Mo will be back coaching with Neil and Jason Fredericks in the U15 2006 age group. “I’m so excited to be back working with Neil. It’s like we never skipped a beat!” said Mo. Her story is a great example of what Sporting Omaha FC stands for. Every one of our players has a pathway, regardless of level or length. Mo’s pathway took her into college as a player and has brought her back to her roots as a coach and mentor to our players of the future.


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