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SOFC Welcomes William Lemke - Coach & College Recruiting Advisor

We are proud to announce our newest staff member, William Lemke. Will brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Sporting Omaha FC. His background in college recruiting will be an excellent resource for our players looking to move on to the next level after high school.

Will Lemke, College Recruiting Advisor

"I have over 20 years experience coaching in the collegiate ranks. To date I have coached or played on every collegiate level which has provided me a unique perspective on the academic, social and athletic demands of participating in intercollegiate sports. These experiences have given me a nuanced understanding of how to be seen and evaluated by college coaches and how to most effectively engage the recruiting process towards positive outcomes. It is my role as the college recruiting director to help inform and guide the recruiting process to help all SOFC college bound athletes find the right fit and help them most efficiently pursue their academic, social, athletic and professional dreams. Further my experiences as a collegiate coach has allowed me to create a comprehensive network of college and professional coaches to draw from and help college bond athletes find and connect with the best possible collegiate experience. I look forward to helping every college bound SOFC player begin their college search process." - Will

Learn more about our college recruiting program:


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