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About Us

Sporting Nebraska FC Soccer Club
Club Philosophy & Player Development Program

Sporting Nebraska FC is a nonprofit, full-service youth soccer club providing players ages 4 through 19 in the State of the Nebraska a full range of training, development, competitive and league play opportunities. With facilities in Lincoln and Omaha, Sporting Nebraska FC leverages its coaching talent, professional administrative staff, and affiliations, such as Sporting KC, the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), and National Premier League (NPL), to develop passionate and well-rounded players committed to excellence on and off the field.

Guided by our core values of integrity, leadership, discipline, humility, accountability, and communication, our players and coaches are uncompromising in their commitment to success. While winning isn’t everything, we strive to do our best in every situation. Positioning players for success based on individual ability and aptitude helps cultivate a passion for the game while developing character in players, coaches, and parents.



Sporting Nebraska FC is a non-profit full service youth soccer club that offers all levels of play from 4 to 19 years of age. Sporting Nebraska FC develops complete soccer players with key core values which we believe provide our players the best opportunity to succeed at their next level whether that is high school, college, professional soccer or life outside competitive sports.



Cultivating a passion for the game while developing character in coaches, players and parents.


Core Values:

Winning isn’t everything but the commitment to be successful is uncompromising. SNFC’s core values are: integrity, leadership, discipline, humility, accountability and communication.

Club Philosophy:

The Sporting Nebraska FC philosophy is to develop individual players to fit into a team concept; the result is individual success and by extension team success.


We have a holistic approach to development. We strive to develop the complete individual through the game of soccer by instilling the necessary traits in order to reach their potential, on and off the field.


Our players will graduate into national, professional and collegiate programs familiar with commitment, hard work, integrity, dedication, respect, discipline, responsibility and accountability. All necessary to be success in soccer and in life.


Player Philosophy:

SNFC’s playing philosophy will reflect the strengths and common characteristics we develop through our youth academy to our select ages.We will build our playing philosophy around and from our individual players who will follow the US Soccer curriculum and display common characteristics: individual talent and creativity, hard work, discipline with a strong will to succeed playing quality attacking soccer.


On the attack, we want to have purposefully and effective possession, be creative, be positive and have the mindset to go to goal. SNFC will give our players the freedom to improvise with creativity and skill. We encourage them to penetrate when/where possible. We want our attack to have depth and width while creating opportunities for overloads in all areas of the field to unbalance and disorganize the opponent to create goal scoring opportunities.


In defense, we want to regain and secure possession quickly be pressing as individuals and as groups around the ball. If we can’t gain possession quickly, we will delay the opponent and make quick and incisive recovery runs to compact the space around and behind the ball to get organized and balanced. Our players will be trained to enjoy the defending aspect. 

(If we can’t gain possession quickly, we will make the game predictable by organizing behind the ball with quick and incisive recovery runs.)


Coaching Philosophy:

The SNFC coach will be a student of the game of soccer who understands the SNFC’s club and playing philosophies. By serving as role models, they will exemplify the Club’s core values.


They will be smart, creative and understand individual developmental needs of the arch player in their charge. They will understand the science of coaching but just as important, they will understand the art of how to lead and inspire each of our players to reach their true potential. The SNFC coach will be a great communicator, will be innovative and positive, optimistic and professional. They will create a safe, positive, age appropriate, enjoyable and progression training and game environment for our players.


SNFC training sessions will be developmentally appropriate, creative and fun which in turn will challenge and develop our players technically, tactically, physically and mentally.


Continuing professional development will remain a constant pursuit for all SNFC’s coaches to provide our players with the most up to date best practices for player and team development.



The role of an SNFC coach is to develop the potential of SNFC players by a style of coaching that promotes learning through ownership, awareness and responsibility.


Sporting Nebraska FC allows coaches freedom to adopt their individual and unique coaching style.


Coaches should choose a style of coaching that suits each coach’s personality.


Coaching style or mannerisms will need to change slightly depending upon the age group with whom you are interacting.


Coaching style will evolve with increased knowledge, experience and maturity.


It is important to allow coaches to find their own unique style and feel comfortable while teaching.



The aim of SNFC’s player development program is to prepare each player to reach their true potential. We take a long term view of player development; this will ensure our individual players, team and club will enjoy sustained success across all age groups.



  • To create an age appropriate, positive learning environment where individual players feel valued, respected and enjoy playing soccer.

  • To create an individual player centric development model where each player can set their own soccer development pathway.

  • To offer a complete youth soccer vertical pathway where players can train and compete at an appropriate level where they are challenged and can strive to be successful

  • To develop players to reach their true potential in national, professional, collegiate, high school or club soccer programs.

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