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Sporting Nebraska FC College Commitments


Sporting Nebraska FC is excited to announce the Sporting NE players who have signed a national letter of intent and/or financial aid agreement to continue their academic and athletic careers in college. As a Club, we are extremely appreciative of how hard each of these players have worked on and off the field to achieve this significant milestone.   Many of these players have been with Sporting Nebraska FC since its inception and we can’t thank them enough for their dedication and loyalty. As each player begins this new chapter of their lives, we know that the character they have developed while at Sporting NE will carry them through life on and off the field. Although we are sad to see them go, we are excited for their future!  Good luck!

On behalf of the entire Sporting NE staff we would like to congratulate all our players who have chosen to go and play soccer at college. We understand the personal choice every player has made and support them as they leave Sporting NE and embark on a new exciting future. Our goal is to guide our players through their process but to never over step the privacy of each families personal choice.

- Alex Mason, Girls' Director of Coaching

Class of 2022

  • Taya Baker, Augustana University, NCAA D2

  • Mara Parker, University of Sioux Falls, NCAA D2

  • Ocean Scherlizin, University of Southern Alabama, NCAA D1

  • Hannah Tate, University of Denver, NCAA D1

  • Jack Vokt, Flagers University, NCAA D2

  • Oliver Benson, Iowa Western CC, NJCAA

  • Edwin Cisneros-Garcia, Iowa Western CC, NJCAA

  • William Devine, Iowa Western CC, NJCAA

  • Jacob Garcia, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NCAA D2

Class of 2021

  • Allie Napora, UNL, NCAA D1

  • Hannah King, South Dakota State University, NCAA D1 

  • Alyssa Judkins, Creighton University, NCAA D1

  • Sena Ahovissi, UNO, NCAA D1

  • Makenna Shepard, Drake University, NCAA D1

  • Mykena Turner, South Dakota State University, NCAA D1

  • Campbell Zimmers, University of South Dakota State, NCAA D1

  • Ellie Tempero, St. Thomas University, NCAA D3

  • Anna Kidder, Eastern University, NCAA D3

  • Cecilia Behrens, UNO, NCAA D1

  • Lia Taylor, Simpson College, NCAA D2

  • Elizabeth Stuart, Dordt College, NAIA

  • Sarah Weber, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NCAA D1

  • Addyson Seaman, Clarke, NAIA

  • Kaitlin SmithCollege of Saint Mary, NAIA

  • Jessica Kozol, Truman State University, NCAA D2

Class of 2020

  • Elana Webber, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NCAA D1

  • Hannah Heinert, Oral Roberts - NCAA D1

  • Grace Guildry, Iowa State University, NCAA D1

  • Lily Sturek, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NCAA D1

  • Gracie Parsons, University of Nebraska-Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Gwen Lane, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NCAA D1

  • Aliya Owens, ​​North Dakota State, NCAA D1

  • Schuyler Riese, Iowa State University, NCAA D1

  • Gracie Bernard, Grand View University

  • Erica Zisca, Northwest Missouri State University
  • Abby Rieff, Minnesota State University, Division: NCAA D2

  • Alexa Edmundson, Wartburg College, NCAA D3

  • Trenan Wilson, Nebraska Wesleyan University, D2

  • Rilee Silvain, Hastings University, NAIA

  • Hadley Hill, Wartburg College, NCAA D3

  • Bella Smith, Drake University, Division: NCAA D1

  • Mackenzie McNeel, Hastings University, NAIA

  • Lauren Keith, Nebraska Wesleyan University, D2

  • Mackenzie Henson, Ball State University, NSCAA D1

  • Kylie Anderson, College of St Mary NAIA

  • Hannah Ghannam, Nebraska Wesleyan University, D2

  • Daniel Gornell, Oral Robers, NSCAA D1

  • Yushin Gossin, Wartburg University, NCAA D3

  • Kolby Fahner, Wartburg University, NCAA D3

Class of 2019

  • Nathan Fibich, Bellevue University, NAIA

  • John Cover, Bellevue University, NAIA

  • Braedan Evans, Buena Vista University, NCAA D3

  • Zach Voss - Bellevue University, NAIA

  • Royce Austen - Elmhurst College, NCAA D3

  • Clara Kidder – Northwest Missouri State, NCAA D2

  • Kaitlyn Thiele - University of Missouri - KC, NCAA D1

  • Lindsey Prokop - University of Missouri - KC, NCAA D1

  • Regan Zimmers, University of Nebraska-Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Regina (GG) Casey, Rockhurst University MO, NCAA D2

  • Aleyse Evers, Colorado State, NCAA DI

  • Grace Thede, University of Nebraska-Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Alexis Christensen, University of New Mexico, NCAA D1 

  • Mallory Mumby, Rockhurst University MO, NCAA D2

Class of 2018

  • Johnny Hansen, Gonzaga University, NCAA D1

  • Pierce O’Brien, University of Nebraska - Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Missy Shockley, Wartburg College, NCAA D3

  • Mali Seran, University of Nebraska-Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Baylee Seaman, Clarke University, NAIA

  • Gabi Rosa, Wayne State College, NCAA D2

  • Jackson McGowan, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NCAA D3

  • Peter Novoa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NCAA D3

  • Conner James, Grand View University, NAIA

  • Mia McCorkle, Clarke University, NAIA

  • Madi McKewon, Northeast Community College, NJCAA

  • Alexis Martinez, Bellevue University, NAIA

  • Emilie Krupa, College of Saint Mary, NAIA

  • Ben Knust, Belmont Abbey College, NCAA D2

  • Tillie Heim, Northeastern State University, NCAA D2

  • Matt Honnens, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NCAA D3

  • Jacob Jensen, Hastings College, NAIA

  • Sam Lesoing, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NCAA D3

  • Conrad Cronin, Gustavus Adolphus College, NCAA D3

  • Ben Hamilton, Briar Cliff, NAIA

  • Nicole Gornell, Oral Roberts, NCAA D1

  • Lexy Tolliver, Bellevue University, NAIA

  • Caleb Goldsmith, Concordia University, NAIA

  • Kortlan Franke, Bellevue University, NAIA

  • Abram Ehrhorn, US Merchant Marine, NCAA D3

  • Sara Zimmerman, College of Saint Mary, NAIA

  • Mason DeBaets, Eckerd College, NCAA D2

  • Delaney Gunn, Saint Louis, NCAA D1

  • Tyler Sanne, Nebraska Wesleyan, NCAA D3

  • Daniel Campbell, Concordia University, NAIA

  • Jason Moneymaker, Drury University, NCAA D2

  • Anudan Thapa, Midland University, NAIA

Class of 2017

  • Brendon Boatwright, Hastings, NAIA

  • Jackson Burmeister ,Rockhurst University, NCAA D2

  • Erik Fahner, Drake University, NCAA D1

  • Jack Finocchiaro, Bellevue University, NAIA

  • Caden Frank, Fort Hays State, NCAA D2

  • Edward Gordon, University of Nebraska - Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Tim Kaftan, University of Nebraska - Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Hunter Kruse, Nebraska Wesleyan, NCAA D3

  • Samuel Lawrence, Nebraska Wesleyan, NCAA D3

  • Benjamin Luci, Nebraska Wesleyan, NCAA D3

  • Stephen Siy, University of Nebraska - Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Matthew Smith, University of Nebraska - Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Tanner Miller, Iowa Western CC, JCC

  • Jackson Burmeister, Rockhurst University, NCAA D2

  • Makada Beamon, University of Nebraska - Kearney, NCAA D2

  • Taryn Benham, Northern Arizona University, NCAA D1

  • Tori Bianco, New York University, NCAA D3

  • Jess Childers, Assumption College, NCAA D2

  • Mandy Clark, Iowa Western, NJCAA

  • Cate Christopherson, Central College, NCAA D3

  • Stephanie Dashiell, South Dakota State, NCAA D1

  • Courtney Doeschot, Hastings, Great Plains, NAIA

  • Rachel Garbe, University of Mobile, NAIA

  • Kenzie Harte, University of South Dakota, NCAA D1

  • Carolyn Hopkins, Hastings, NAIA

  • Suzie McDonald, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NCAA D3

  • Olivia McMahon, Hastings, NAIA

  • Bailey Parsons, Augustana, NCAA D2

  • Maggie Tolley, College of St. Benedict, NCAA D3

Class of 2016

  • Joe Fehr,  University, NCAA D2

  • Joe Connolly, Hastings College, NAIA

  • Jaylin Bosak, Creighton University, NCAA D1

  • Allie Dmyterko, University of Northern Iowa, NCAA D1

  • Mallory Edwards, University of Nebraska at Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Anna Gornell, Oral Roberts University, NCAA D1

  • Madison Henry, Marquette University, NCAA D1

  • Elyse Huber, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NCAA D1

  • Megan Merkel, University of Nebraska - Kearney, NCAA D2 

  • Haley Mumm, University of Nebraska - Kearney, NCAA D2

  • Katie Ortgies, Augustana University, NCAA D2

  • Marisa Windingstad, University of Minnesota, NCAA D1

  • Carleigh Wilson, Wayne State, NCAA D2

  • Carah Criner, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NCAA D2

  • Elisabeth Arant, Northwestern College Iowa, NAIA

  • Rachel Windingstad, University of Wisconsin River Falls, NCAA D3

  • Lindsey Jack, University of Wisconsin River Falls, NCAA D3

  • Skylar Taylor, University of Nebraska - Kearney, NCAA D2

  • Rylan Mahoney, University of Bellevue, NAIA 

  • Allysa Hernandes, Washburn University, NCAA D2

  • Olivia Grasso, Washburn University, NCAA D2

  • Brenden O'Dell, Midland University, NAIA

  • Joey McCain, University of Nebraska-Omaha, NCAA D1

  • Hunter Wesson, Bellevue University, NAIA

  • Paige Hendrix, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NCAA D2

  • Delaney Kress, North Park University, NCAA D3

  • Chloe Madigan, Wayne State, NCAA D2

  • Rileigh Spahn,Northwest Missouri State, NCAA D2

  • Drew Vance, West Texas A & M/Central College

Class of 2015

  • Robert Wiseman, Midland University, NAIA

  • Daniel Zapata, Jr., Northwestern (Ia.), NAIA

  • Emma Shattuck, Midland University, NAIA

  • Gabrielle Lancial, Coe College

  • Isabella Arkfeldn, University of South Dakota, NCAA D1

  • Lexie Bates, University of Central Oklahoma, NCAA D2

  • Nicole Chubb, Wayne State College NCAA D2

  • Laura Cook, Iowa Western Community College NJCAA D1

  • Laurel Heskett, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NAIA

  • Sarah Homan, Northwestern College, NAIA

  • Jordan Housh, Iowa Western Community College, NJCAA D1

  • Lauren Ostdiek, Northwestern College, NAIA

  • Jenna Shipley, York College, NAIA

  • Kelsi Smith, Washburn University, NCAA D2

  • Samantha Stock, Univeristy of Nebraska - Kearney NCAA D2

  • Lexi Weaver, Northwestern University, NAIA

  • Megan Koluch, Knox College, NCAA D3

  • Kyra Werner,  Hastings College

  • Vanessa Kavan, Drake University

  • Georgia Straka, Nebraska Wesleyan University, NAIA

  • Madeline Tyler, Kings College NYC USCAA

  • Paige Wohlers, University of Sioux Falls, NCAA D2

  • Maiwut Dar, Midland University, NAIA

  • Kelsie Ienn, University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • Anna Carnazzo, University of South Dakota

  • Abby Meader University of Nebraska at Omaha

  • Mary Novoa, Creighton University

  • Maria Deeter, University of Concordia-Nebraska

  • Emily Romero, University of Nebraska at Omaha

  • Abby Hansen, University of Nebraska at Omaha

  • Caitlin Rerucha, Western Illinois University

  • Meredith McManaman, University of Northern Iowa

  • Kennedy Cascio, Iowa Western Community College

  • Avery Anderson, Southern Illinois- Edwardsville University

  • Ali Hirschman, University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • Sydney DeVries, Regis University

  • Courtney Stodola, University of South Dakota

  • Tori Weber, University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • Connor Tupper, Northerwestern (IA), NAIA

  • Peter Schropp, Georgetown University, NCAA D1

  • Tyler Krajewski, Briar Cliff, NAIA

Class of 2014

  • Molly Beelman, Rockhurst University

  • Nicole BeerWestern, Illinois University

  • Sara Betzelberger, College of St. Mary (NE)

  • Aubrie Bosilevac, Minnesota State University

  • McKenzie Bronson, College of St. Mary (NE)

  • Carly Brown, University of Nebraska-Kearney

  • Allison Buehring, Midland University

  • Taylor Conroy, Chicago State University

  • Rachel Dashiell, Wayne State College

  • Julia Edelstein, Washburn University

  • Madeline Edwards, Western Illinois University

  • Emily FeltesLewis, University in Illinois

  • Mackenzie Fletcher, Midland University

  • Janae Heaney, Benedictine University

  • Bryant Bustamante, Bellevue University

  • Logan Kinney, Colorado School of Mines

  • Delaney Henry, University of Nebraska-Kearney

  • Kaela Housh, College St. Marys(NE)

  • Natalie Johnson, University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Cassidy Kepler, Chicago State University

  • Paige Phipps, Missouri Western State University

  • Mikaela Renner, Midland University

  • Jordan Thiem, Washburn University

  • Sarah Woelfe, United States Military Academy - West Point

  • Bryce Hartley, Northwestern College (IA)

  • James Narkle, United States Air Force Prep School

  • Quinn Nelson, University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Danny Sandoz, Rockhurst University

  • Daniel Shonka, Hastings College

  • Landon Sibole, Northwestern College (IA)

  • Bryce Hartley, Northwestern College (Ia.)

Class of 2013

  • Madie Avery

  • Rachel Brennan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Meghan Brunssen, Concordia University

  • Kylie Comba, Wayne State University

  • Emma Cuda, Friends University

  • Denise Dantzler, Drake University

  • Nyoke Dumba, University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Heather Gunderson, Wayne State University

  • Erica Hall, Midland University

  • Carson Hassel, Kansas Wesleyan University

  • Melissa Hirschman, Midland University Fremont

  • Hunter Jacobs, Midland University

  • Brooke Jensen, Western Illinois University

  • Alex Johnson, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

  • Brandi Johnson, Iowa Western CC

  • Vivian Johnson, St. Marys University(\(\(MN)

  • Lindsee Larson, South Dakota State University

  • Kristin Manley, Concordia University

  • Kylynn Moyer, Drake University

  • Laura Pivovar, Minnesota State University-Mankato

  • Emily Roll, Creighton University

  • Erin Slattery, Wayne State University

  • Danny Sandoz, Rockhurst College NCAA 

  • Justin Baird, Northwestern College

  • Nick Giaffaloine, Hastings College

  • Hailey Smith, Wayne State University

  • Jenna Springer, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

  • Kelsie Walter, Grandview University

  • Ryan Anderson, Nebraska Wesleyan College

  • Justin Baird, Northwestern College

  • Andrew Chen, Columbia University

  • Alex Durbin, Dordt College

  • Miguel Espinoza, Iowa Western CC

  • Brock Fitzgerald, Creighton University

  • Nick Giaffogloine, Hastings College

  • Cal Hedglen, University of Missouri St. Louis

  • Micheal Kluver, Creighton University

  • Nicholas Kreski, Nebraska Wesleyan

  • Max McGrath, South Dakota School of Mines

  • Mark Moulton, University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Alex Prusa, Creighton University

  • Donevan Roe, Dakota Wesleyan University

  • Mason Savine, Midland University

  • Austin Schafer, Simpson College

  • Justin Schrager, St. Mary's College (CA)

  • Ali Sodol, Midland University

  • Nathan Wahlman, Belmont Abby College

  • Mark Wallace, Belmont Abby College

  • Gino Nastasi, Hasting College

  • Miguel Espinoza, Iowa Western CC

Class of 2012

Players Name                            School

Dee Anderson                 Bellevue University

Aubi Batchelor                 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nicki Bernhardt               Hastings College

Gretchen Dehn               Minnesota State University Mankato

Mackenzie Evans             Wayne State

Montana Hosterman       University of Kearney

Kylee Horton                  Wayne State College

Kelsea Lambert               Wayne State University

Lizzy Lee                        Northwest Missouri State

Kayla Moore                   Hastings College

Meghan Meyer               Saint Louis University

Kate Petersen                Bellevue University

Heather Scholl               Bellevue University

Emily Seyler                   North Park University-- Chicago

Kirsten Smith                 Augustana College

Mel Taylor                      Aberdeen South Dakota

Meghan Thacker            Augustana College

Taylor Trotter                Northwest Missouri State

Alex Wichman                University of Nebraska-Omaha

Players Name                            School

Sara Worsfold               Northwest Missouri State

Paige Flores                   Iowa Western CC

Sean Casey                   Notre Dame University

Salvador Garcia             University of Nebraska-Omaha

Hunter Gorby               Creighton University

Alex Hailey                    Bellevue University

Luke Jatzcak                Doane College

Tyler Kulawik                Doane College

John Lee                      Truman State University

Ryan Lynch                 Creighton University

Greg Malloy                  Rockhurst University

Rafael Magana              Iowa Western CC

Gino Nastasi                 Hastings College

Tyler Phillips                 Hastings College

Matt Pritchard              Northern Illinois University

Grant Rieckberg           Nebraska Wesleyan

Gavin Sass                   Doane College

Brian Talcott                Notre Dame University

Class of 2011

Players Name                            School

Ally Brown                       Augustana College

Jourden Casey                University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Aaron Carmen                 Doane College

Yaritza Estrade                Bellevue University

Jordan Foutch                Emporia State

Karlee Gansebom            University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Allison Graner                  Loyola

Mallory Hoyt                   Wayne State University

Kyrstal Lozier                  Doane College

Paige Lynam                  Augustana

Danielle Myers                Minnesota State University-Mankato

Chloe Nabity                  University of Nebraska-Omaha

Addison Nokels               Iowa State University

Delaney Phillips               University of Nebraska-Kearney

Anna Sibson                   University of Nebraska-Omaha

Jenna Summers             University of Nebraska-Omaha

Elizabeth Sundberg        University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kaitlyn Taylor                 University of Nebraska-Kearney

Jessica Thiem                 Rockhurst University

Sarah Warren                South Dakota State University

Caitlin Willis                    University of Nebraska-Omaha


Players Name                            School

Issac Beber                      Minnesota State University-Mankato

Ethan Bennett                 Hastings College

Aaron Carmen                 Doane College

Josh Christiansen             University of Nebraska-Omaha

Eric Emerson                   Doane College

Paul Floersch                   Benedictine College

Jake Linden                     Xavier/UNO

Manuel Lira                      Bellevue University

Rafael Magana                 Iowa Western CC

Joe Marinkovich              University of Nebraska-Omaha

Ian Mussman                  Tulsa University

Sam Noddle                    University of Nebraska-Omaha

Jake Nowak                    Doane College

Mark Ottoson                 Nebraska Wesleyan

Ameer Pinto                   UNO/Belmont Abby

JP Pulverenti                  Creighton

Austin Schuster              Hastings College

Kyle Tucker

Christ Watson                Doane College

Class of 2010

Players Name                     School

Amelia Ambrose        Loyola University Chicago

Anna Calgaard          Northwest Missouri State

Ashley Hick               University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Caitlin Parra              University of Nebraska - Kearney

Caitlin Wills               South Dakota State University

Chelsey Poole          South Dakota State University

Claire Wiese             Loyola University Chicago

Ellen McCormick       University of Wyoming

Haley Berner             Augustana College

Hannah Dittmar         University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Jourden Casey          University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Katie Pickenpaugh    University of Nebraska - Omaha

Katie Sturgeon          Augustana College



Players Name                            School

Kayleen Colson              Midland Lutheran College

Kelly Lange                    Wayne State College

Kerry Pivovar                 University of Nebraska - Omaha

Logen Watts                  University of Nebraska - Omaha

Margaret Powers            Iowa State University

Megan Kingston             University of Nebraska - Omaha

Megen Merrill                  University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Mia Juarez                      Doane College

Monica Bosiljevac           University of Nebraska - Omaha

Morgan Karloff               Doane College

Sami Maybon                 Dana College

Sarah Nelson                 Creighton University  (Basketball)

Theresa Kucera             Iowa State University

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