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Parenting with Character

MODEL appropriate behavior
         Cheer for your team and not against the opponent
         Never yell at an official or question a call on the field
Leave the coaching to the coaches and SUPPORT then in their efforts
         Support your player with positive reinforcement but leave the coaching and soccer education to the coach
         Thank you coach by practicing good communication skills and by supporting them
PRAISE and COMPLIMENT your child and avoid criticism
         Support your player with positive reinforcement and encouragement
         Allow adequate time and space for the player to decompress
Place the RESPONSIBILITY of getting ready and being prepared for practice of games on the player
         Have your player show-up on time with the proper equipment and attire
         Communicate any schedule conflicts with coaches and managers well ahead of time
         Wait 24 hours after a practice or competition before addressing a coach with questions
         Calmly state your concerns, listen to the coaches answers, and keep an open mind while

         respecting their authority as the decision maker
         Praise the player immediately after a contest, regardless of a win or loss
         Encourage players to always give 100 percent and show respect
BE ENGAGED in your club
         Donate Time, Talent or Treasure; parent volunteers help keep a club running
         Take an interest in the parents and other players on your team, be a team player
Problem solve any issues your child has WITH COACHES

         Stay neutral and avoid making negative comments about the coach

         Teach your player how to be an advocate for themselves directly with the coach

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